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    May 17, 2013
    7:00 - 7:31pm PDT  

>> more than 70 killed and 115 wounded in iraq after a bloody climax. with the world news, also had a. calling for the closure of guantanamo bay are arrested outside the white house. years of self-22 declared independence. is it getting closer to recognition from the world? >> in the australian outback to investigate a cattle crisis and
the devastating impact on farmers. more than 70 people killed on a third straight day of sectarian violence in iraq targeting worshipers at a mosque north of baghdad where 48 people died. tension and bloodshed have been rising all year with protesters accusing the government in baghdad of discrimination. >> of the aftermath of the blast. lying dead in the road when a bomb went off outside the mosque. peopleice say that when gathered to treat the wounded, another device was detonated. by another targeted bomb only a month ago. no one has said they carried out these explosions, but they
are part of a wave of attacks in the bruins on friday. a roadside bomb exploded during a funeral possession -- procession 20 kilometers outside of baghdad that killed and wounded many mourners. then a bomb exploded in a commercial area of western baghdad. traditionally a relatively affluent place. these attacks highlight the mounting sectarian tensions. as aresent what they see she had dominated government. almost five months ago, protests began among those that say they feel marginalized at targeted by the government. the recent elections merely reinforce this with politicians on both sides becoming more polarized. senior members say they consider these protests to be a threat
and any reconciliation is unlikely. seems like these demonstrate just how precarious the situation really is. more than 300 people have been killed this month alone. that number is more than 1500 for the year. detainee's at the u.s. military prison has passed their one hundredth day on a hunger strike. refusing food and being forced feather medical care -- medical terms. >> a show of support for the guantanamo detainees on a hunger strike for the past 100 days. >> a strong statement about who we are and what we represent.
>> president barack obama said he opposes the military detention center to transfer and prosecute the detainee's. little progress has been made. >> we are past the time when words are any comfort and we need to see action. >> the strike started because of overly aggressive searches of their belongings. both lawyers and administration officials agree this is about indefinite detention. the detainee's have accused the administration of violating their human rights and trying to undermine their protest by force feeding them. the administration says it won't allow the detainee's to starve to death. towe have a responsibility ensure the health and well- being of every detainee. >> they eat, drink, or be to th.
-- tube fed. >> they always do it based on the medical advice given to him. >> the decision to close the present and send them back home, but unless there is a court order and unless president obama decides to lift the moratorium and release them and cleared for release, expect demonstrations outside the white house. >> the number of registered refugees has exceeded 1.5 million. the real fear could be much higher. accelerated, have 1 million have fled -- fled to camps. it accuses russia of making it worse by sending the cruise missiles to syria.
>> this is the unfortunate decision that will embolden the regime. ill-time and very unfortunate. , athe general is in moscow and thetalks international peace conference at syria. gosh the way the parties can sit down together. they lower the tensions and absorber all the pending issues, what ever they may be from a dialogue in a peaceful manner. they are there in that regard. >> the beginning of the conference should be set on a special anniversary or date.
as well as the participants from other countries. >> escalating violence and extremism, they began bombing -- the bombing in the northeast with the the biggest military offensive since it began the uprising in 2009. the fighting is centered around the game reserve, nigerian forces trying to regain territory controlled by the rebels. on tuesday, the president placed all three under a state of emergency, thousands of government troops sent to fight. 2000 people have been killed in the four-year conflict and a spokesman gave this update. >> of the advancing troops of the special task force that
succeeded in destroying , the casualties will be verified as operations take off. also, a nigerian air force plane but not much damage was done to the aircraft. >> the horn of africa has been ravaged for decades. somaliland sets on the gulf and officially regarded as in the autonomous region, but the two were separate until 1960. 40,000 people who were killed and half a million fled. iny declared independence 1991 and has held for peaceful alexian's. asause it is not recognized an independent state, it is not eligible for international development loans. >> history meansthinth
people here. city in 1988.e it has been turned into a monument. people don't need to be reminded of the brutal war with somalia. them, they have a right to independence. >> the right, it has a similar value with the air we are breathing. >> it has a constitution, parliament, and its own currency. but without international recognition, it can't get the foreign investment that it needs. recent conference in london, they fetched millions of dollars. the president refused to attend
the talks. >> the president has made it clear that he wants a united somalia. i will be clear that we can't overturn that. we would like to remain friends with it is the people that have decided. >> is easy to understand why people here feel abandoned. managed to unite its people. is sending progress money from abroad. solution, theed
independents and elections, all of that. >> the african union has the mess -- and dismissed their calls for independence in the international community seems unwilling to back recognition. the people say they will never give up hope of statehood. >> at least 20 people have been hurt after trains collided in connecticut. a train heading to new york derailed and hit a westbound train, emergency crews are on the scene and there are no reports of any deaths right now. british fertility experts have devised a new technique that they say greatly improves the and chances -- the chances of successful pregnancies involving taking pictures to determine which ones have the best chance of growing to term.
fertility rates have been falling for several years and conception is now big business. the fertility industry is worth $4 billion a year. a single cycle of treatment costs thousands of dollars and several cycles are usually necessary. a british clinic claims time lapse imagery could streamline that dramatic process. calculations and algorithms to allow us to detect which embryos are most likely to give live birth, which are less likely based on the images. are examinedls once a day for five days, producing five images. this technique looked at cells every 10 minutes, and based on the development, they are
categorized as low, medium, or high risk of abnormalities. it appeared remarkably accurate. successfuld in birth. it was 19% for medium and none for those deemed high-risk. latest data this month shows that in the three years, birth rates dropped in 24 of europe's 31 countries. giving breakthrough is hope to couples currently trying to conceive. claims are actually irresponsible. >> we have to bear in mind that there are limitations with the quality of the eggs, the sperm, and we can't guarantee success. every couple is different. first washe birth --
in 1978, many have been conceived in vitro. the pregnancy rate for each implantation remains stubbornly low, a round 32%. improving that statistic would literally be life changing. >> the top stories, more than 70 people killed and 150 wounded in a series of bombings across iraq. the third straight day of sectarian violence. protesters in washington d.c. demand that president barack obama closed down the military prison camp. the hunger strike by scores of inmates has now passed 100 days. on aecretary general is three-day visit to russia.
.e met with the u.s. military the 87-year-old was serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity during his r at the height of the country's dirty work. >> he was probably the most jaded of argentina's leaders. he led the military to the began what is known as the dirty war in which estimated 30,000 people were disappeared and killed, many more tortured. when argentina return to democracy, he was tried and sentenced for crimes against humanity. he was sentenced to an additional 50 years in prison having been found guilty of kidnapping children stolen from their parents in clandestine
interrogation centers. many of the relatives of his victims say they at least have the consolation that he died in prison but are upset that he has gone to his grave without revealing the whereabouts of some many of those that disappeared. taste inves a bitter knowing where the bodies of the missing are located, knowing where the young people are. we are happy we are living this historic moment, those are being condemned and getting a fair trial. >> he finally said that he was guilty of having killed 7000 people. he said he was not sorry, justified against fighting against a subversive. he said he never lost a night's sleep over the killings.
>> a serious discussion should be held on the legalization of marijuana. advocates say it is the first time a multinational organization has raised a point, making firm recommendations. the study examined how to tackle the illegal drug trade. there of been protests in the capital as negotiations towards wille trade agreement create monopolies in the pharmaceutical industry. are taking part in the trade talks. highlighting the problem of sexual crimes, they started a movement to defend themselves against abuse. it is now praised as a leading voice against violence.
>> of the drama starts with the claim that this is the worst time for a girl to be born. it is one that warrants sexual predators to change their ways or face the consequences. 25-year-old is a teacher that took matters into her own hands after the committee failed to respond to the harassment of young girls. >> they tried to rape me but i was told not to say anything. i found that almost all my students had faced some kind of sexual abuse. the police did not help out all. neither did the parents. we started to investigate. >> they confront those that harassed the females and if they don't stop, it is not unusual for them to resort to physical intimidation. it is a matter that concerns the
.olice >> there is no need to fight directly when there is a system. have provends effective. the area grown beyond they have lived in and they're asking for help in dealing with harassment and more serious sexual crimes. with nowhere to turn, the parents of a rape victim have after the brigade to assist in the court case. expectations are high. >> he should be punished. he is a threat to my family. to a the family belongs low-cost community.
they have received no support from the community. she told me that people avoided her but she was welcomed by her group which made her believe that she could fight this. they are trained in martial arts. the message is louder than ever. to speak up and >> a formerselves russian intelligence officer could be scrapped so evidence could be heard in secret. britishrequest by the foreign office, it would be replaced by a semi-secret public inquiry.
he died from radioactive poisoning in london in 2006. albino people have been persecuted in east africa and tanzania, 150,000 live there, 70 murdered in the last six years. some believe their organs can cure callouses and bring good luck. >> the secondary school opened this year to give underprivileged children savoy's. it is a genetic condition that leaves people without skin pigment. but here it is associated with witchcraft. acutely aware of what that means, 70 have been murdered since 2007. the school was a sanctuary offering protection and integration into a society
those suspicious from seen as ghosts. >> i don't know when an attack might happen again. they have the local association and leaves campaigns to break the superstitions. the photos show the skin and butchered remains last year a few kilometers from the school. a criminal lack of political will make progress slow. politicians fear the consequences because the support might be considered traitors. >> the slow acceptance forced these to form a collective. it is better than working outside, exposed to the damaging son.
advantages,the a these women are still here for one compelling reason. attitudes might be changing but they still don't feel safe enough to work on the streets. breakhas done more to prejudices' than almost anyone else. she began her career with don't laugh at me and he was voted the country's best female artist. they said makes a powerful point. >> reporting to the higher level, someone who was popular. it makes people respect that and seem ok. song, new track is a love arguing that too much focus sets
them apart when all they want is to be accepted as normal. >> part two of the series will take a look at black magic in indonesia. a lucrative business but practitioners are worried about a new law that threatens to put them in prison. 20 political prisoners ahead of his planned visit from the united states. they have 300 of the inmates implemented under reforms. freed 300 inmates under reforms implemented in the last few years. cattle ranchers say their livelihoods are in crisis. evidence of animal cruelty has led to a temporary ban on some exports. farmers are hoping the solution is at the ballot box.
>> in northern australia, farmers are hurting. there is a drought and the animals have little to eat. there are more animals than there should be because exports have ground to a halt. shocking video of animal abuse abroad as part of the reason why. another having its head have severed before it is tom upside- down, still kicking. these pictures were taken in egypt but because they start their lives in australia, exports are being suspended. last year, revolution of similar practices in slaughterhouses and indonesia led to the government banning exports there. indonesias government was offended and retaliated by imposing a quota of capital imports. a high australian dollar makes finding new export markets hard. >> reduction of 50% of value.
is pretty high. >> the politician, a former cattleman describes what is happening as a crisis. >> we have farmers committing suicide and citizens are around it. they say nothing can be done. cattle crisis summit, they want financial assistance to help them through the dry ofther and a full resumption live cattle exports. in australia's cities, he is dismissed as matter. a socially conservative eccentric. but out here, it is wildly popular. the newly formed party the balance of power. big chunk of australia
theye the economy the, become the food bowl of asia. it will take a political will they say is lacking. it is about reminding australia that they matter, too. company ofian underground tunnels. mealound $30 a